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Each year since 2009, PMI has published a CSR report. See our scope and reporting page.

Guided by PMI’s Code of Conduct

PMI has had an ongoing corporate social responsibility program since 1998. Since 2009, the program has evolved to include a comprehensive system for tracking environmental and social performance along PMI’s supply chain. Because PMI controls their entire supply chain — from raw material choices to the distribution of finished products — they are able to ensure that environmental and social considerations are integrated into each process and decision. Sustainability initiatives are global, corporate and embedded into the brands. PMI sees this in their reduced environmental impact, innovative new products and strong reciprocal relationships with global customers and manufacturing partners.

Our Stories

Responsibly Made in China: Update

PMI is committed to responsible and ethical manufacturing practices. Since implementing their Code of Conduct in 1998, they have worked with their suppliers to make continuous improvements.

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Solar Panels Light Up PMI Joinease

Finding fewer and fewer reductions to be made, PMI looked up, to rooftop solar energy systems. In 2016, work began on installing photovoltaic solar panels on four factory roofs at PMI Joinease.

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PMI Honored to Receive Outdoor Industry Award

At the Outdoor Retail Show this past January, PMI was one of 15 Sustainability Working Group members to receive an Outdoor Industry Award honoring our decade of commitment to this initiative.

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A Lighter, Brighter Supply Chain

From energy-efficient offices and factories to learning more about the suppliers of its raw materials, PMI entered 2017 with a smaller carbon footprint.

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