Social Responsibility

intro metricChampioning safe and healthy work environments

Business partnerships that champion great factories are why PMI factories have some of the highest employee retention rates in China. Since 1998, PMI has worked with their partner factories on social and environmental improvements that deliver greater worker health and retention benefits. PMI also encourages and supports their factories in creating social programs in both company facilities and surrounding communities.

PMI’s focus on Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has a positive impact on the company’s entire supply chain. When PMI employees have safe and healthy work environments, they are able to make high-quality products that are safe and enjoyable for consumers to use. This, in turn, helps PMI customers maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Our Stories

Social Key Performance Indicators

With a commitment to fostering and maintaining factories that are great places to work, PMI has determined that employee retention and injury rates are the most important social Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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PMI Joinease Factory Culture and Community

PMI believes the worker-oriented culture at PMI Joinease contributes to remarkably low injury rates and high retention rates, which in turn translates into high-quality products and a healthy business.

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