PMI Headquarters Is Now An Energy Star Building

Article Post Date: 2017

For PMI, energy efficiency is just one part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce its environmental impact wherever it operates. In Seattle, PMI’s headquarters is already powered by relatively green hydroelectric power, but there has been a strong local shift toward using this energy more efficiently. Building owners, city government and businesses have all realized that using less energy, while good for the planet, also means lower electric bills.

Starting this year, the City of Seattle is mandating that commercial buildings benchmark their energy use, something PMI has been doing for years through Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager. Now, PMI’s Seattle headquarters is an Energy Star building. The building achieved certification in 2016, and will seek re-certification for 2017.

With buildings accounting for 72% of total electricity use in the United States, achieving an Energy Star designation is a testament to the work and expertise of the building’s engineering staff, the priorities of the owners and the habits and practices of PMI and its fellow tenants.

PMI is very proud to have the Energy Star distinction bestowed upon the building where it has been headquartered since 2005, and will continue to look for more ways to shrink its footprint in Seattle.