Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Benefits the Entire Supply Chain

Article Post Date: 2015

As PMI’s business continues to grow, so does PMI’s commitment to corporate responsibility. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is a key focus for PMI, as it benefits the entire supply chain. When employees have safe and healthy work environments, they are able to make high-quality products that are safe and enjoyable for consumers to use. This in turn helps consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Measuring social responsibility

PMI is committed to ensuring that workers who produce products for PMI live and work in a healthy environment and earn a fair wage for the work they do. Each of PMI’s partner factories has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager who works closely with the China-based PMI CSR Manager to ensure this commitment is met, along with an equally strong commitment to continuous improvement. Working closely with partner factories, PMI uses third-party firms to conduct audits that assess COC compliance. Factories not in compliance work on the issues that will bring it back into alignment. See PMI’s Code of Conduct.

Worker Retention

With growing labor migration and shortages in China, one way to easily gauge the health of a factory is through worker retention. PMI’s analysis shows that as worker retention improves, production quality and yield increases while worker replacement and training costs decrease. This combination provides financial benefits to both factories and offices. PMI considers factory worker retention to be a critical KPI as it is a quantitative barometer of factory conditions.


Injuries are another indicator of the safety and health of factories. While PMI strives for complete safety, accidents do happen. By taking as many precautions as possible, including providing personal protective equipment and mandatory training, line-workers and managers are educated about the dangers of working in a factory environment. Required training includes fire safety, chemical safety, health safety, and machinery safety.