Aladdin® Supports The Nature Conservancy

Article Post Date: 2017

Aladdin is a PMI brand designed to be healthy for families and the planet. Over the last ten years, it has reduced its carbon emissions by 54% and has a long-standing commitment to using recycled and reusable materials, ethical manufacturing and a green supply chain. Now, it is strengthening this commitment to global sustainability through a new partnership with The Nature Conservancy®, a 65-year, one million member-strong conservation organization working in 72 countries around the world.

Through the Aladdin Earthscapes® product line, in-store displays and social media, consumers will learn about land and water conservation programs they can donate to, including ones protecting the Emerald Edge, the world’s largest intact coastal temperate rainforest, spanning Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. The Nature Conservancy’s global reach also means PMI employees will have many opportunities to volunteer locally and make a difference in their communities.

“The Aladdin brand is really excited to be partnering with The Nature Conservancy as we share common values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship,” said Rich DePencier, Vice President of Aladdin. “We are on a shared journey on this planet to enhance and protect our land and water, and it starts one day at a time with efforts like this.”