Follow PMI's journey and track our milestones in social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and community engagement through our interactive timeline.

PMI Corporate Responsibility

Welcome to the PMI Corporate Responsibility Report website! Here, you will find data and learn more about the steps the PMI team is taking to strengthen social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and community engagement.

A word about reporting

PMI’s reporting examines the environmental and social impacts associated with the manufacturing of PMI products and their global business operations. PMI’s share of resource use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced at their contract factories is calculated based on the percentage of production the factories devote to PMI product.
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Supply Chain

Responsibly Made in China: Update

PMI is committed to responsible and ethical manufacturing practices. Since implementing their Code of Conduct in 1998, they have worked with their suppliers to make continuous improvements.

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Aladdin® Supports The Nature Conservancy

PMI is strengthening this commitment to global sustainability through a new partnership with The Nature Conservancy®.

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Supply Chain

Solar Panels Light Up PMI Joinease

Finding fewer and fewer reductions to be made, PMI looked up, to rooftop solar energy systems. In 2016, work began on installing photovoltaic solar panels on four factory roofs at PMI Joinease.

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2016 Global Philanthropy Data

PMI Global Philanthropy focuses on children, education and the environment, supporting a variety of organizations in the communities where PMI operates. Check out the data from 2016.

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Supply Chain

PMI Honored to Receive Outdoor Industry Award

At the Outdoor Retail Show this past January, PMI was one of 15 Sustainability Working Group members to receive an Outdoor Industry Award honoring our decade of commitment to this initiative.

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Supply Chain

A Lighter, Brighter Supply Chain

From energy-efficient offices and factories to learning more about the suppliers of its raw materials, PMI entered 2017 with a smaller carbon footprint.

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Our Brands

Using advanced technologies, materials and research, we’ve extended our brands into the future, while remaining rooted to our past.

Stanley logo

Since 1913, we have been fueling outdoor adventures from work to camp, delivering quality food and beverage gear, built for life.

Aladdin logo

Aladdin designs thoughtful food and beverage containers that help you make the most of everyday moments, at home and on the go.

MiGo Logo

We strive to provide safe, healthy and highly-perceived value products to your family for your daily life.

Slant Collections logo

From cocktail napkins to acrylic tumblers, SLANT collections by Formation Brands make merchandising fun.


PMI Joinease Video

Step inside and get a close hand look at the PMI Joinease state-of-the-art factory in South China.

EMEA Kids Olympics 2015

A day at the Amsterdam Kids Olympics with Amsterdam Cares, the Amsterdam City Council and 1500 local children.

Celebration 2014

2014 was a big year for PMI. See our corporate culture year in review.